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Power Flushing in Northampton

Welcome to Able Plumbing and Heating, widely regarded as the foremost experts for power flushing in Northampton. Our excellent reputation is built upon the many satisfied customers who have benefited from our Northampton power flushing service. With years of experience and highly trained and gas safe registered engineers, we should be your first port of call for flushing of your central heating system.

Looking for a Power Flushing?

Power Flushing – Does my Heating System Need it?

A simple buildup of dirt and sludge in your heating system can cause extensive problems. Power flushing should only be performed by a trained, Gas Safe registered engineer, despite the seeming simplicity of the job. At Able Plumbing and Heating we have carried out a number of of power flushes in the Northampton area, successfully helping our customers make the most out of their central heating. There might be a problem with your heating system if the radiators are struggling to heat up properly, even when your boiler is on. If you have spotted any of the following problems, your system may require a power flush:

  • Radiators taking a while to heat up
  • Water taking a while to heat up
  • Loud heating system

Benefits of Power Flushing

Especially in the winter months, living or working without heating/hot water can be a real struggle. This can manifest itself in the form of higher heating bills as more energy is required to heat the home. However, when your system is running at its best, then your heating bills will be lower. If your heating costs are high, then let us perform a power flush, and then your heating bills may be reduced.

There are many benefits to having your system flushed, and we have outlined just a few of the main reasons below:

  • Energy bills are reduced
  • Faster time heating water/radiators up
  • Improved temperatures
  • Performance is improved overall
power flushing work in northampton

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Able Plumbing and Heating can provide you with a FREE QUOTE for the power flushing services we provide throughout Northampton and the surrounding areas. Ensuring a professional standard of service on all the work we carry out, we’ll help get your boiler running back at peak efficiency as soon as we can. If you would like a price for power flushing in Northampton, or you would like to speak to someone about whether or not your system needs flushing, then feel free to give Able Plumbing and Heating a call and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have.