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Bathroom Fitter in Northampton

Although the bathroom may not rival the kitchen for being the social hub of your home, it is no less important a room for creating a happy home life. No matter the size of your home or your personal taste and style, our bathroom fitter in Northampton will provide you with a high quality, bespoke bathroom fitting service that ensures you can enjoy your bathroom for many years to come.

Even the greatest bathroom designs or units can cause problems if they aren’t fitted properly. When Able Plumbing and Heating fit your bathroom, it is not only a bathroom fitting service we provide, we offer peace of mind and comfort to our clients.

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Looking for a Bathroom Fitter

We know the importance of having your bathroom finished to the highest possible standards, and this is something that our team are well aware of. You can rest assured that all of our team are fully trained and highly qualified in finishing your bathroom to the best possible level.

Extensive Experience Means Excellent Advice

Our experience enables us to guide you and make recommendations so that once your bathroom has been fitted, it will not cause related problems in the future, for instance:


Will your current boiler be able to cope with the requirements of your new bathroom?


Will the existing pipework provide the necessary supply and pressure required for your new bathroom?


Will the floor and structure of your bathroom be able to support your new fixtures and fittings?


Will you require new electrics to be installed in order for your new bathroom to function as you want it to?

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Wet Rooms in Northampton

Wet rooms and walk in showers are now so popular, practical and feasible for many homes that the bath, shower tray or enclosure are becoming less trendy. A wet room is a wonderful luxury, making that extra bit of space in your bathroom and giving a feeling of freedom. The wet room represents a radical rethink of the traditional bathroom with levels of design and sophistication that were previously reserved for the living areas of our homes. At Able Plumbing and Heating, we provide a full design consultation service to help you achieve your dream bathroom.

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